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Nakshatra IVF Laboratory

Specialized Infertility Services

Nakshatra IVF is being established and inaugurated on 14th February 2021. It is one of a kind advanced laboratory providing full range of services related to Andrology & embryology.

It is 1st laboratory of Surat with motto of – ‘OPEN FOR ALL GYNEC.’ It is situated at prime location in Surat near to Surat Railway / Bus Station. The IVF laboratory is equipped with latest ultramodern instruments in the IVF industries.


Improving the quality of infertility

Basic Semen Work-Up

• Semen Analysis
• Sperm function Test
• DNA Fragmentation Test
• Sperm Donation
• Sperm Freezing
• Sperm Morphology Test
• DFI (DNA Fragmentation Index)

Test tube treatment

• IVF (In vitro fertilization)
• IVF-ICSI (In vitro fertilization – Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection)
• Fresh Embryo Transfer
• Frozen Embryo Transfer

Basic Infertility Treatment

• Semen Preparation
• I.U.I – H (Intrauterine insemination – Husband Sample)
• I.U.I - D (Intrauterine insemination - Donor Sample)

Advanced test modality

• Blastocyst Culture
• PRP Preparation
• Laser Hatching
• ERA Test

Infertility counselling

Infertility counselling is a form of psychotherapy designed to support individuals or couples who are faces challenges around fertility. For example, you might work with an infertility counselor if you are struggling to conceive a child, considering using a sperm or egg donor, or thinking about adoption or surrogacy.

Pre-Implantation Genetic testing

• Embryo Biopsy
• Repeated IVF Failure

Our Laboratory With

Ultramodern Technology

Nakshatra IVF is one kind of advanced laboratory providing full range of services related to Andrology & embryology.

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Top Priority of Many Infertilities Specialists

We are a go to place for many infertilities specialists in Surat. The top doctors prefer us as we provide the best lab services.

  • Experienced Team of Embryologist

    IVF treatment is mainly dependent on best IVF laboratory outcomes. At Nakshatra IVF, our team is well experienced and trained to take care of your embryos.

  • Ultramodern IVF Equipments

    At Nakshatra IVF, we believe in the best possible instrumentation to take care of your embryos. The complete IVF Laboratory is equipped with imported advanced instruments with the latest technology.

  • Best Services

    Our patients are always at our priority & we understand their journey Infertility. At Nakshatra IVF, we provide a positive environment with the best infrastructure and humble staff.

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We Nakshatra IVF, are delivering our admirable services over the globe, being situated in the heart of Surat. We are giving good, passionate, moral and most advanced & specialized treatment to couples suffering from and finding answers as well to the problem of infertility


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